In The Listening Journey for Children parents, teachers and professionals will get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Tomatis® Method auditory training program is changing the lives of thousands of children around the world every year.

You will discover how to dramatically improve listening, learning and communication in children by changing the way the ear works with its connections to the brain and the body — particularly in children living with autism, auditory processing disorder, ADD, ADHD, learning difficulties, Rett syndrome and those with global developmental and speech delays.

This book is a collection of stories about children who have benefited from the Tomatis® Method, initially developed in France about 60 years ago and now available in 40 countries. The authors are all experienced professionals such as psychologists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, audiologists and educators who are using this auditory training program to allow children to reach their potential, and to help parents “to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“This book is a lesson of hope for parents and educators.”

The Content of The Listening Journey for Children is:

Chapter 1:
Maude Le Roux (USA)

Joey was a sweet little boy—imaginative, athletic and funny—but his problems with listening made it difficult for him to engage with the world. What he needed was a solution that would boost his language skills and enable him to reach his true potential.

Chapter 2: Nigel’s story: a mother’s diary
Kay Distel (Australia)

When a child has difficulties, it affects the whole family, altering everyone’s lives to a point that can seem unbearable. Nigel’s story is a mother’s touching account of how the Tomatis® Method helped her son and improved the lives of an entire family.

Chapter 3: Ana Lisa: a journey out of silence
Eve Wiznitzer (Panama)

It’s heart wrenching to watch a child with the desire to communicate, but not the ability, struggling against the barriers that prevent them from interacting with the people they love. With the help of the Tomatis® Method, Ana Lisa overcame her difficulties, found her voice and became an independent, happy child.

Chapter 4: Multiple diagnoses, a struggling child
Ellen (Len) Craver Young (USA)

Peter was a highly intelligent child who was unable to shine due to anxiety, ADHD and oppositional behavior. His Tomatis® experience enabled him to overcome many of the challenges he faced, giving him the skills and confidence he needed to relax in his world and explore his full potential.

Chapter 5: Night and day—two very different sisters, one very effective solution
Angela (Gem) Mañosa (Philippines)

It’s often said that siblings are as different as night and day, and this was certainly the case with these two sisters. But for all their differences, they also shared many similar difficulties and challenges that needed to be overcome so they could improve their relationship with the world around them and truly begin to enjoy life.

Chapter 6: Victor: a journey through fear to happiness
Hilde Tinkl and Barbara Thima (Austria)

When you live in fear of noise and cannot communicate with the people around you, the world is a terrifying place. Victor’s Tomatis® journey helped him to defeat his fears, learn to communicate and begin to enjoy living in the world around him. And, it also demonstrates how behavior that looks like a child is taking a step backwards can actually be an indication that they are making impressive progress forward.

Chapter 7: Lifting the veil of autism
Helga López, Catalina Soto De Gamboa, Maria Claudia Guzmán López, Silvia Carrasquilla de Londoño, Patricia Garcia de Santaella and Maria Cristina Lievano de Cabrera (Colombia)

A diagnosis of autism is profound and can cause families to give up hope— this is the story of how the Tomatis® Method helped one little boy overcome a serious diagnosis to open up, engage with other people, and find his place in his family.

Chapter 8: One condition, many different challenges—a story of two adopted brothers
Dorinne Davis (USA)

Two brothers, adopted into the same family, shared more than just a biological bond—they faced many of the same serious developmental challenges as well. Their Tomatis® journey led them out of chaos and allowed them to reconnect with themselves and the world around them, giving them and their family a whole new lease on life.

Chapter 9: A very slow start—a happy ending
Yolanda Carrillo Vázquez, Vanessa León Carrillo and Leticia T. Varela Ruiz (Mexico)

Born prematurely and suffering serious health complications, Ana Laura’s developmental and language delays placed her perilously close to a diagnosis of autism. But with the aid of the Tomatis® Method, this delightful little girl found her way out of silence and became a happy, bright and athletic child with a great love of life.

Chapter 10: From the “naughty chair” to happy chess player
Françoise Nicoloff (Australia)

Auditory processing disorder remains a relatively new concept among the medical profession, and this can make it difficult to diagnose. Ben’s behavioral and learning difficulties affected his preschool experience, making it difficult for him to focus and develop the social skills he would need later in life. His Tomatis® program allowed him to flourish at home and at school and discover his passion for a game that requires great concentration.

Chapter 11: Alix: a little girl with a big disease
Valérie Gas and Sonia Montoya (France)

Life for Alix was one long struggle—autism and Rett syndrome created numerous difficulties that made communication and day-to-day activities virtually impossible. Alix’s Tomatis® journey was long, but tremendously satisfying, as one by one, she overcame her challenges and became a lively, happy little girl.

Chapter 12: The light at the end of the tunnel

Françoise Nicoloff (Australia)

A diagnosis of autism can drop a family into the darkness of despair—especially if none of the traditional approaches are helpful. This is the heartwarming story of how Michael and his family finally found a therapy that created positive and lasting changes in a young boy suffering from autism, and how they discovered that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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