What an exceptional book – thank you for bringing it to us Francoise. This collection of stories about the success of the Tomatis Method are both amazing and heart-warming. Having been a teacher of Early Childhood for over a decade and looking for answers for young students who were having difficulties in the classroom, I witnessed many, many children suffer after having been misdiagnosed and labelled with learning difficulties, ADD or ADHD, to name a few, when their problems could have been overcome or helped by this auditory training program. This program and the collection of stories depicted in your book, give families much needed hope & relief. How great to discover that by changing the ear to work with its connections to the brain that listening, learning and communication can all be dramatically improved. As the grandmother of a 4 year old with processing problems and speech delays, I’m now very excited and optimistic about his future knowing that he can have access to the Tomatis Program should he need it. Thanks again. — D.O. — Corporate Coach, Burleigh Heads, Australia

“Tal Izenberg was originally diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia at age three. He had very limited speech and difficulty processing information. After commencing Tomatis®, Tal’s vocabulary increased significantly and he began to understand two- to three-step instructions. His progress continued over the following two years in which he participated in more Tomatis® programs. We also underwent speech and occupational therapy. Before entering year two, Tal was re-assessed and then diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder (PDD-NOS ). T his year (2010) at age 14 and in year seven at school, he took part in the Tomatis® home-study program. Tal is now less anxious and finds it easier to understand what is required of him by the teachers, and his ability to prepare for tests and assignments has improved. H e has a passion for drawing cartoons and comics, a great group of peers and, most importantly, more selfconfidence. We have had wonderful success with the Tomatis® Method and I would recommend it.” Joanne Izenberg — Sydney, Australia

“After 60 hours of listening, S. is a changed child. In the first three days of listening, he dressed himself for the first time in his life. He continues to handle his daily care. His teachers report he is top of the class, and he proudly claims he has a 4.0! He is able to complete his work, respond in class, actually contribute in class, and help others. He no longer disrupts the class. He has started to play with other children and make friends—new since taking the Tomatis® Method. Overall, the change in S. is dramatic. He integrates in his family more easily and his teacher is happy to have him in her class.” Mother of an eight-year-old boy with symptoms of ADHD and behavioral concerns — Arizona, USA

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“I am so pleased to tell you that the changes we have seen in M. over the last six months have been amazing … she has improved in every single area of her life. I keep hearing from her teachers how well she is doing. Every conference is positive, and M. is progressing very quickly. Especially in math, but she is also doing much better socially, her use of language and understanding has increased so much. It’s like she gets things now that she never got before. Her focus and behavior have improved greatly. She is definitely maturing. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that this type of program would really work, but I am convinced.” Mother of an 11-year-old girl, with poor speech and no friends who was struggling in school and falling behind — Arizona, USA

“My name is NS, and my son HS received Tomatis® therapy with your team back in 2004. We think of you frequently, but this afternoon my wife and I spoke of you again. H., now nine, is in third grade and participates in an accelerated academic program in our public school. T oday my wife and I attended a PowerPoint presentation about jellyfish that he gave to his classmates, all of whom also tested into this accelerated program. We were so proud of him that we both almost cried during his presentation. When he was initially diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, we were terrified about his future. T oday, he is in gifted programs at school, he is one of the best ballplayers on his baseball team, he plays piano, has lots of friends, and has a terrifically bright future. We recognize how lucky we are, but particularly lucky to have had you in his life. Thank you.” NS — Mason, Ohio, May 2010

“I just wanted to send you a note letting you both know that E. and I think of you often, and to let you know how well A. is doing. A. is doing so well. He is in kindergarten at Concord and has the help of a paraprofessional in class. He really likes school and has adjusted well. Academically he really excels and is getting along well with the other kids. We recently had an event that highlighted how much he has improved. Three years ago my niece had her bat mitzvah. We wanted to take pictures in the reception room. Even though there were no people in the room, we could not get A. into the room, which was big and overwhelming. This Saturday night my nephew had his bar mitzvah. A. wore his first suit (two years ago he would not even wear a shirt with buttons) and looked so handsome. Not only did we get him in the room, but he danced all night! He danced with E. and me, his aunts, cousins, grandparents and anyone who wanted to dance. A. communicates really well these days. He teases his sister and torments her, just like a typical brother. He also loves her. He has a sense of humor and is funny. While we always believed, and continue to believe, that he has unlimited potential, it still amazes us to see his progression into this fabulous, loving, smart young man. Every day he does something to make us proud. Both of you, as well as others at A Total Approach, helped so much with his growth. You also taught us how to be better parents to a child with special needs. We are forever grateful to you. Thank you.” M. — USA , November 2009

“Our major aim for doing the program was to support R. in his academic abilities. Despite learning support he was falling behind. At first the changes were not tangible, however, by the end of the program he is calmer, focused, able to be quiet and able to respect others’ needs, and ‘reading’ the world around him. His running style is becoming more controlled. His successes continue to boost his confidence. Most rewarding is he now enjoys reading!” HB, parent of an eight-year-old boy with learning difficulties — Queensland, Australia, 2009 An update:

“Following his Tomatis® program, R. had six sessions of kinesiology and some cranial adjustments which continued to open his system. He is now considered ‘normal’ in reading by the school, gets 10/10 for spelling and is happy in himself and his achievements.” Kay Distel, Tomatis® consultant — November 2010

“A.’s daydreaming is a lot less and he has better control; more choice in situations. We have experienced some moments of good voice and volume control. I have enjoyed talking to Kay and getting some ideas for coping with my kids. I am listening more, caring more, trying to shout and get angry less.” Diane Melloy, mother of an eight-year-old boy with subtle communication difficulties and motor control issues — Queensland, Australia, 2009

“She is no longer ‘blocking out’ information; she really heard something her father had been saying to her for quite some time—it was as if it was the first time she ever heard it! She has a better flow when reading and now asks the meaning of words. She seems to be more confident speaking to other children and is showing and expressing empathy, for example: ‘If that was me I’d feel …’” Alison Willis, mother of a ten-year-old girl — Queensland, Australia

“My daughter was very insecure and also a rebel, during the course of the Tomatis® program and following the diet, she has learned to manage her frustrations and maintain a calmer attitude, she is communicating much more and is able to relate to the children at school, which was the reason we came to FUNDET-TOMATIS ®.” Elia Palma, mother of a nine-year-old child with ADD — Panama

“My son has advanced enormously in the areas of behavior and language. He has acquired more vocabulary and is beginning to use short phrases. He is relating now to other children and he has finally established a sleep pattern and is eating better.” Karim de Vélez, mother of a three-year-old boy with language problems (during the beginning of his third intensive program) — Panama

“My son was very distracted before beginning the Tomatis® Method, nothing was important to him and he didn’t acknowledge what was going on around him. After the first intensive of 30 hours he has started to play with other children, is asking questions, which he never did with me before, is able to apply himself to his study and he likes to read … all of this has helped enormously.” Carolina Magallon, mother of a seven-year-old boy with ADD — Panama

“My son now speaks with more clarity and uses full sentences, his walking is more fluid and he is more self assured. He concentrates on the activity he is working on and is determined to finish it.” Karina Fernández, mother of a five-year-old boy with an overall developmental delay — Panama

“My daughter has advanced a lot because the teacher in school has said so. She has improved in all of the subjects at school.” Yariela Ortiz, mother of a ten-year-old girl with ADD — Panama

“Now my son is following instructions and also inventing and using his imagination, and playing with toys that he was not interested in before.” Mitzi Gonzáles, mother of a three-year-old boy with autism — Panama

“At the beginning of his third program I have observed many advances—he is more expressive and has better self-confidence when he talks.” Oscar Collado, father of a five-year-old boy with autism — Panama

“My son has progressed in his attention and is improving at school, also he has learned to select his own music.” Jaqueline Scott, mother of six-year-old boy with autism — Panama

“Your work makes it suddenly possible for me to address all the unresolved issues of my life that I never could decide before.” PH, mother (36) of an ADHS child (12) when coming to the second program block — Austria

“What a big relief for me: my child is sleeping all night now!” AK, mother of a five-year-old boy with emotional disorders — Austria

“For us, the Tomatis® Method was a true investment in our son’s future. Miguel Jr. was having self-esteem problems, insecurity, (he was avoiding his friends), and he used to reject all kinds of mental challenges. He is now getting only A grades in mathematics, and is very good at learning foreign languages. He now goes out with his old friends again, and likes to walk around our neighborhood looking forward to meeting new ones.” Miguel Ángel, adoptive father of 14-year-old Miguel Ángel Jr. — Mexico

“Our girl was developing at a really slow pace, she couldn’t walk, was speechless, and was unable to focus on anything. After taking the Tomatis® program, she can now walk and even run, she can pay attention to all kinds of stimuli for increasingly longer periods. She’s speaking now—words at first, then sentences! I’d really like to recommend the Tomatis® program to all parents!” Sandra, mother of Edith, six years old, diagnosed with cerebral palsy — Mexico

“My son just made his first friend. I can’t tell you how happy that has made my husband and me. We loved seeing all the other positive changes that he made with language, body movement, oral motor skills, and attention but for us, finding his first friend moved us to tears.”

“This last continuation program finally got him to modulate the loudness of his voice. Thank goodness. He isn’t shouting anymore.” USA

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