Helping Kids

Some parents and family members call it, “The miracle of Tomatis® and Mozart,” and the effect is like turning a key in a lock— the foundation of a child’s abilities are finally present and able to be used to their full potential.

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I encourage you to enjoy all of our stories—two of them are testimonials from mothers (one from the mother of a child with learning difficulties and the other the mother of a child diagnosed with autism), in others  our  colleagues from around the world share their stories about helping children and their families to face autism, Rett syndrome, ADD, auditory  processing disorder, global developmental delay, speech delay, sensory integration difficulties, learning difficulties, behavioral difficulties and  many other challenges. This book is intended to be flexible—the stories  are designed to be read in whatever order you please, depending on your interest and inclination. But no matter which order you read them in, do not be surprised if you feel a tug at your heart and a tear in your eye as you read them—I certainly did, even after spending so many years witnessing how the Tomatis® Method has transformed the lives of so many children and their loving families. So sit back and let the discovery of the power of the ear, good listening and great music fill your heart and mind through these beautiful, heartfelt stories.

After reading The Listening Journey for Children, you’ll be confident that the Tomatis® Method can positively impact the lives of children struggling with developmental and behavioral problems.

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