Testimonial from Corporate consultant and Coach from Queensland

What an exceptional book! Thank you for bringing it to us Francoise. This collection of stories about the success of the Tomatis Method are

both amazing and heart warming. Having been a teacher of Early Childhood for over a decade and looking for answers for young students who were having difficulties in the classroom, I witnessed many, many children suffer after having been misdiagnosed and labelled with learning difficulties, ADD or ADHD, to name a few, when their problems could have been overcome or helped by this auditory training program.

This program and the collection of stories depicted in your book, give families much needed hope & relief. How great to discover that by changing the ear to work with its connections to the brain that listening, learning and communication can all be dramatically improved.

As the grandmother of a 4 year old with processing problems and speech delays, I’m now very excited and optimistic about his future knowing that he can have access to the Tomatis Program should he need it. Thanks again.

Deb Osterio  Corporate Consultant & Coach Burleigh Heads Q 4220


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